Borderlands 3 character is confirmed to be non-binary

borderlands character.png

Shooter game Borderlands 3 has a scheduled release date of 13 September, and fans have already pointed out the gender-neutral language used to describe the character FL4K. Some fans claimed that the use of the pronouns ‘they’ pointed to FL4K’s character as gender-neutral, while others theorized that the pronouns could be referring to Fl4K being a robot.

While it is true that the character is in fact a robot, players argued that it goes beyond that, referring to the description of the character which reads; “an emergent AI driven in an ongoing quest for self-discovery, FL4K wanders from world to world accompanied by beasts. While they feel a connection with the primal wisdom of animals, the social constructs of humans are strange to them.”

Many fans suggest this passage invokes the experiences of many non-binary and transgender people. Additionally, FL4K wears a pin with binary’s 1 and 0s crossed out in the colours of the non-binary pride flag. Sam Wrinkler, the co-writer of the game confirmed that the language was intentionally describing a non-binary character.