Genderless fashion label TalaMade to make its runway debut at Melbourne Fashion Week

Tala Made.jpg

Streetwear fashion label TalaMade will be displaying its capsule collection 100K ZONE, on August 28, 2019 at Melbourne Fashion Week.

Founded by Sydney-based 21-year old designer Tala Surace, TalaMade is a genderless fashion label. Surace has described the 100K Zone collection as embodying a “diverse narrative of individuals experiencing the power struggle between the evolution of ideas and the societies narrow minded perception of difference. The collection combines a uniquely gothic aesthetic adorned with industrial hardware; an abode to societies adoration with utilitarianism.”

To know more about TalaMade and the 100K Zone collection, contact Tala Surace on LinkedIn. You can also get in touch with the brand through their Facebook and Instagram pages.