Designer Norma Kamali unveils new gender-inclusive skin care range

Norma Kamali.jpeg

Norma Kamali recently launched a skin care range called ‘Skinline’ as part of her new NormaLife concept. The products are for all genders, skin types, colours, and ages. For Kamali, the focus on gender fluidity as it relates to these products: “We are all masculine-feminine, and the freedom to express both in all aspects of our lives is a meaningful balance.”

Skinline offers four natural beauty products: Clean (a soap-free cleanser for with charcoal and aloe leaf juice); Glow (a self-tanner made with cacao seed butter and sugar beets); Soft (face and body moisturiser that contains olive fruit oil); and Smooth (an exfoliator containing olive seed powder). The packaging is also100 per cent reusable and recyclable.

To partner with and find out more about the Skinline range, reach out to Norma Kamali on LinkedIn and follow her brand on Instagram.