Why & what

At Gender Jelly, we believe binary options are confining, and that freedom of identity is a purpose worth pursuing with passion. That's why we map, champion and matchmake the brands behind gender-fluid products, services and experiences - to ensure expansion and thus impact.
In a nutshell, helping start-ups, investors, brands, governments, universities and NGOs to find each other, and explore partnerships and investments. If your brand is challenging the ‘norm’ with gender-fluid actions, then we are keen to take you further -our contact details are below.

Gender Jelly is part of the On Purpose Ventures BV portfolio – niche sectors with a purpose.



We’re always looking to add bright and bold people to our team. Whether you’re an ambitious young professional or a wise veteran, it doesn’t determine your contribution, we believe passion and purpose are key.
Head over to On Purpose Venture’s listings page (we’re part of their portfolio) for more info on roles and openings >>> 



If you have a query about what we deliver or how you fit into the future of gender-fluidity, just reach out to us via hello@genderjelly.com - which we check 24/7, so expect a quick reply!

Address: Zeeburgerpad 8, 1018 AJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)685 662 490

Email: hello@genderjelly.com